Imagine you’re at your home town thrift store and you find a camera that someone donated with their film still inside. What would you do?

I bought that camera, and for several years bought every other one that I could find at thrift shops and consignment stores around Kitsap County in Washington State. Every time I was home visiting my family I would scour the bins of Goodwill and St. Vincent De Paul looking for more cameras with film.

The images rescued from those cameras, along with nearly 100 short stories and poems are what became “Found in Kitsap.” In these I tried to tell a “day in the life” story about the residents of this community.

Every image on this site and those in the book come from these found cameras. The people who took the photos have never seen them… but perhaps they will now.

For more about the process, check out the Making Of.



Luke grew up in Bremerton, WA, a small city in Kitsap County. When he was just 6 years old he broke his family’s TV and changed his life forever. His parents believed there were better ways to entertain a child decide not replace it. So Luke explored the woods, read encyclopedias, and played with LEGOs. Everyday he imagined new worlds and learned to tell his own stories.

This love of storytelling led him to study cinema & digital art at San Francisco State University. By the time he graduated Magna Cum he had made over 20 short films and interned for a documentary film editor. From there he moved to Los Angeles where he’s worked a variety of film related jobs including: extra, PA, camera operator, AD, producer, editor, falconer, writer and director.

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